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Welcome to Smart Sample Pack's "Lofi Jazz Vol. 1"

The new, easy and flexible way of sampling including the new accidental music theory lesson!

This sample pack is different from most other packs. It doesn't contain loops but all you need to create your own loops! With this sample pack you're able to create tons of new beats without repeating yourself and without creating the same loop another producer would create out of the same sample pack. How is this possible you ask? The idea behind this is rather simple, yet very effective. By the way, theses audio files are created on hardware instruments and effect processors, vintage analog and modern digital.

First of all, this sample pack is based on the 2-5-1 chord progression, one of the most used if not THE most used progression in jazz. This way we can keep things simple but still have a large variety of possible combinations of sounds.

Secondly this pack contains each chord of the progression played in numerous styles and inversions on each instrument. Many of which contain melodic phrases in tune of the chord. That means you can use these samples the same way you'd sample from an old jazz record - without the legal troubles! There's an e-book included that desribes how to use the wav files easily and efficiently. PLUS you get a video tutorial with some hands on demonstration on what is possible with this new approach!

Thirdly you get to learn and understand why this works. This is crucial for everybody that hasn't learned about music theory yet. In this sample pack you not just get a very useful set of audio files. You also get a small e-book plus a tutorial video, that explain what a chord progression is and why chords work the way they do. Please subscribe for more music theory e-books and samples packs for both beginners and pros.

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