Zodiax IV


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The astrological lofi experience finds its finale with the fourth episode. Over the course of one year Jakspin released four Zodiax EPs with four songs each. Today we're proud to present the fourth and final part of the series. IV is dedicated to the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The signs represent ideas and change which is perfect for the challenges we face worldwide today. Let us take the time to appreciate the airy energies wit Zodiax IV. Musically Jakspin took the jazzy airiness of the Fender Rhodes piano and smooth horns in the background and combined them with nice crispy lofi beats wih delicate melodies that are both hard to grasp but still memorable and sweet. The intro song „Element of Air“ sets the mood with the lazy vibraphone slacking behind the beat and the guitar strumming along full of patina. The EP is now available everywhere.

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    Libra 1:40
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