Conquering the world one beat at a time

JAKSPIN is a producer of Greek and Lebanese origin, born and raised in Cologne Germany where he started writing rhymes at the age of 12, deejaying at age 14. He embarked on his musical career in the late 90s as a DJ in Cologne's legendary underground soul music club called Kauri Keller, the place where jazz legends such as Miles Davis used to go to and jam after their concerts in Cologne throughout the 70s. Jakspin's first official release was a party break 12“ vinyl winning the Club Bangaz Worldwide competition. After remixing R&B for the local label Da Source Records he finally metamorphosed into the artist JAKSPIN with a new sound ranging from lofi hip hop beats to vintage jazzy R&B grooves. He began to gain recogintion with the release of his first soundcloud beat tape „Beats From the Attic“. His beat tapes „Voyage to Moonchild“ and „The Chillhop Era“ were very successful in the beat scene being supported by magazines and blogs like Stereofox, Indie Shuffle, FatCatBeats and many more. His latest collaboration with Philadelphia's singer and songwriter Monielle entered the UK Mi-Soul radio charts in and was picked amongst the best soul songs in 2018 by SoulTracks. In 2019 Jakspin released his second beat tape „Levitation“ and an EP "Zodiax I" of which both were recieved warmly in the beatmakers community. His first sample pack is a new innovative approach to sampling and will enable lots of beatmakers to create beautifu music. Lots of amazing projects are going to be out this year, so stay tuned!