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Hailing from Cologne, Germany Jakspin has been part of the local music scene for more than 15 years. Formerly known as DJ Atomik-E his partys and mixtapes were notorious in the Rhine river area around Cologne and Bonn. He has been working with local and international undergound talents ever since and has released several rap projects in German. In late 2018 Jakspin started releasing beats under his new moniker and is consistently conquering the world of beats.



With a short movie and a new album coming up, Jakspin continues the journey with the lead single "Köln Kalk". The whole project is about his hometown Cologne and his neighbourhood Kalk. Jakspin just moved back to his hood this summer and he created 16 beats to go along the documentary. Each song is about a certain place in Kalk. This main title is about "Köln Kalk", the hood where Jakspin spent a lot of time in his childhood. It's a tough neighbourhood to this day. The song is a raw but smooth lofi tune with some classic boom bap roots. The horns presents a recurring theme that's like icing on the rhodes cake. The whole project is based on his own samples, but yet was only produced on one machine: the Pioneer SP16.

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Kalker Haupt


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