Neon Analog MEGA PACK - includes all packs in one - Minimoog & More Synths & Drums
  • Neon Analog MEGA PACK - includes all packs in one - Minimoog & More Synths & Drums
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This sample pack contains all other packs from the NEON ANALOG series, a total of 380 files! You get the drums & percussion pack and the big Synth pack including the AUTO-BUN chords! These are chords that are sampled from the original 1974 Minimoog via oscillator detuning. All three of Mini's oscillators are tuned to creat a chord. This is the same techniques Kraftwerk used on their classic hit "Autobahn". The sounds in this pack are predominantly made on an original Minimoog from 1974, one with the fantastic sounding VCOs. You get aproximately 800 samples that enclude drums, percussions, bass, synth sounds, chords, pads, stabs, strings, effects, vocoder sounds and so much more. The samples are specifically made in the style of 70s electro pioneers such as Kraftwerk. With this sample pack you are able to recreate most of the music from albums like "Man Machine", "Radio-Activity" or "Electric Cafe". Listen to the demo above to assure yourself. Also included are: samples created on an analog vocoder, on 70s organs and synthesizers run through analog effects such as a real spring reverb, an analog 12 stage phaser and an analog bucket brigade chorus.

Also included: Sample Sets! The samples have been compiled in sets of 16 samples especially suitable for the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 sampler and its slice mode. No need to slice up the samples! They're perfectly sliced up as soon as you load them! You can also use those on any other sampler of course! The pack contains both the chords and synths set and the drums and percussion set. There is also a graph included that shows you how the chords are set up in every chords set so that you know exactly what notes are playing in there. I recommend that you print it out and keep it close to your SP16 so you can look it up quiackly. Hit me up if you have questions.

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